Friday May 26th 2017

5 Reasons a Balcony Will Enhance the Way You Entertain

How a balcony will enhance how you entertain outdoors

With summer well on its way, it’s time to look at one of our favourite features of downsized living: the balcony! Our homes at The Residences at Gateway feature beautiful, spacious balconies that are roomy enough to host your favourite patio furniture, a garden, and even your loved ones while you’re entertaining. Having a balcony is the new best upgrade in downsized living! In fact, we think there are some great reasons to have a balcony as a replacement for a giant backyard.

1: It’s Less Stressful

If you love to entertain and can’t bear the thought of having to downsize, then don’t worry! A balcony is preferable in some ways compared to a backyard because of the following:

  • No more concerns about getting your feet dirty or wet from grass;
  • Easier access to shade;
  • Immediate access to the kitchen and living room—for extra-special occasions; and
  • Lots of space for seating!

A backyard requires new storage or tools added for every new flower bed or piece of furniture you want to introduce. Downsizing to a balcony will save you the trouble of having to worry about how a large backyard looks before your loved ones arrive. It will give you more time to be concerned about what matters most—catching up with friends and loved ones!

2: Fabulous Outdoor Dining Options

Who doesn’t love barbecue in the summer? On our balconies, outdoor dining has reached a whole new level! Each home at The Residences at Gateway comes with a natural gas hookup that is thoughtfully installed and is individually metered, with a shut-off conveniently located in every suite. So go ahead and bring out your favourite barbecue onto the patio! Grill up your favourite meals outside and your loved ones can easily bring their plates from the kitchen along with a glass of their favourite wine or a beer—this can be accomplished in just a few steps! Make it a 5-star party by bringing a cooler outside to give your guests easy access to their favourite chilled beverage. After all, there’s plenty of space for coolers too!

3: It Costs Less Time and Money to Clean and Maintain

If you hate mowing the grass in your backyard or just don’t have the energy or time to clean and maintain your backyard, then a balcony garden may be right up your alley. Sell off that old lawnmower you  have to store away for most of the year and use that money on some fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers! You won’t have to worry about watering either as our homes also feature a hose bib installment and floor drains, making cleaning the floor and watering your plants a breeze!

It also can be more costly to own a backyard in the long-term than it is to own a smaller balcony garden. Think of all the dollars you spend on repairing or replacing your gardening tools, or how much time you spend and work you put into trying to clear out those shrubs that were triggering your allergies. With a balcony, you save both time and money in the long-term that you can use on more meaningful things such as—and this is just for an example—theatre tickets with your loved one at the Abbotsford Event Centre.

4: Safety

In some ways a balcony is safer than a backyard. Some houses’ yards lead into forests or the road which introduces all sorts of dangers to you and your home’s property. Accidents, too, are more likely to happen in a backyard (we’ll spare you the gruesome details on those possibilities!). Grass this time of year can also accidentally become host to all sorts of creepy-crawly pests that we’d rather not have in our homes, so that’s another big concern gone right out the window! And in some buildings that feature multiple homes such as The Residences at Gateway, there’s already security measures in place to ensure your home, no matter if from the balcony or the interior, is safe from burglary and natural disasters.

5: Privacy

Having a balcony may be more private than you may realize. Anyone can just peek over a fence in the backyard or crash the party (depending on where you live). A balcony, however, especially a high-rise one, deters both party crashers and would-be undesired guests such as burglars from gaining access to your home. Depending on where in the building your balcony is positioned, it may also be shaded enough so that not only will you be protected from overabundant heat and light, but also it prevents would-be passersby from seeing into the inside of your home. For those who would rather not show everything off to their neighbours, the balcony for entertaining with a sense of privacy is a must.

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