Tuesday May 9th 2017

7 Reasons You’ll Love the Kitchens at The Residences

Kitchen in home from The Residences

It’s tough to give up the large kitchen in your family home that you’ve spent all these years in –  after all, it’s the number one gathering place in any home for cooking, entertaining, and spending quality time with the ones you love most! Yet more and more homeowners in Abbotsford are turning to downsizing from a bigger home to a smaller, more manageable space. There is greater opportunity now more than ever to both downsize and upgrade your lifestyle – especially with how great The Residences’ kitchen options are in every home.

“But I don’t want to shrink my kitchen, if I downsize to a condo, I’ll have to throw away all my ingredients and extra tools – and I need those!” is what you might be thinking. Well, no need to worry, because in these homes, you won’t have to throw out your favourite silicon tray or your much-needed package of cinnamon. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised by what The Residences at Gateway can offer you in terms of downsized living. Whether you just love to cook or are a chef who uses every utensil to prepare your meals, here are some awesome features to expect when you move in to our homes.

1: Appliance Package

The Residences oven & stove

Whether you want to bake that perfect birthday cake, fry up some eggs pronto, or quickly warm up some delicious looking leftovers, we’re certain you want to use strong, sturdy, and modern appliances to get the job done. Our condo kitchens in The Residences feature a Bertazzoni Professional Series 30″ Dual Fuel Range, complete with four brass burners and a multi-function, self-cleaning oven, as well as an under the counter stainless steel microwave for those urgent defrosting sessions.

2: Natural Light and a Balcony

Overhead of Unit B2 with kitchen and balcony at The Residences

Who doesn’t love seeing what they’re throwing into their mixing bowl? With the amount of natural light shining in from the balcony door into the kitchen, you won’t have to worry about turning on the lights and cranking up the energy bill. You can also open the beautiful glass door leading out to the balcony to let in fresh air as you cook. Try putting your favourite potted plants near the door on the balcony so that harvesting those blueberries you want to add to your buttermilk pancakes can be done in just a few steps.

3: Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops at The Residences

The countertops at The Residences at Gateway are made of quartz, which makes for easy cleanup and great resistance to heat, scratches, and impact from placing hot pots and pans on them. These countertops are spacious enough so you can dovetail (that’s ‘multitask’ in chef speak!) and ensure your meal in the making comes out perfectly. Quartz is also a non-porous material (a.k.a. it’s water resistant), so don’t worry about accidentally splashing water on them while you’re washing dishes. And speaking of water…

4: Dishwasher and Sink

The Residences kitchen features

No more scrubbing each individual plate after a large feast or a dinner party – now you can put almost everything into the dishwasher! Each home at The Residences at Gateway is a Bosch dishwasher with an integrated front panel that perfectly matches the condo kitchen’s cabinetry, while the Kohler sink and faucet are stainless steel under mount in the quartz countertops.

5: A Built-in Wine Rack

Kitchen with built-in wine rack at The Residences

Wine lovers rejoice! If you like to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine, you adore entertaining other wine connoisseurs, or even if you just like to add a splash of red wine into dishes such as a chocolate sauce or an au jus for your roast beef, you will love every home’s built-in wine rack! Skip the trip to the wine cellar each time you need that bottle of Merlot – just reach over to the side whenever you need that splash of flavour in your meal, and voila!

6: Storage, Storage, and More Storage…did we mention Storage?

The Residences at Gateway

Storage is one of the features that can make or break anyone’s decision to move into a new home, and usually the very first place to examine storage is in the kitchen. That’s why we think our kitchens may be right up your alley in terms of downsizing and keeping those much-needed utensils. Check out these amazing storage features they have to offer:

The Fridge – it’s a Fisher & Paykel French door stainless steel refrigerator, complete with its own built-in filtered water dispenser, ice maker, and a bottom freezer – which is fantastic to have if you want to meal prep in advance!

The Pantry – yes, each home in The Residences has a pantry cupboard, which for all serious chefs is a must in their work and regular lifestyle. It slides out so you can keep your most heavily used spices and dried ingredients close by and within easy reach.

Lower Cabinet Drawers – these have been installed and designed to be practical and within easy access just like the pantry. They are also built in a Classic white Shaker-style, adding an aesthetic elegance with a modern touch to the home’s overall architecture.

So, yeah, don’t worry about throwing out that extra garlic press you actually do use, or the extra countless jars of canned jams and pickles you made yourself or received as gifts. If you need them, bring them, because there will be enough storage.

7: Space—and Lots of It

Bright Open Floor Plan

Not only is storage an essential element to have in your kitchen, but also space is just as if not more important as well. If space is another concern of yours before downsizing, again, don’t worry – our homes have it. The Residences offer generous spacing that varies in our 1, 2, and 3 bedroom homes to select from. In the dining area there is both enough countertop space behind the sink to form a sort of breakfast bar for you and guests to sit at and eat, and there is a dining room set just behind the countertops that seats six – yes, six, not just four! We already mentioned the ease of access for gardens on the balcony, but did you know there is also enough space for patio furniture and even a barbecue? Now we’re cooking!

Don’t be so concerned about having to sacrifice your favourite kitchen utensils when downsizing. At The Residences at Gateway, you can have the kitchen of your dreams.

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