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Abbotsford Breweries & Wineries You Must Try Today

Abbotsford Breweries & Wineries You Must Try Today

A glass of wine or a mug of beer can be the perfect accompaniment to a meal, especially if you’re an avid fan of either beverage! Craft beers, wines, and even mead made from farm-grown, local crops and honey are a specialty you will find within both Abbotsford and the entire Fraser Valley. After all, Abbotsford is popularly referred to as the “City in the Country” where modern conveniences exist in harmony with good old-fashioned country living!

Odds are high that you’ve seen at least one sign for the nearest winery or brewery while traveling through Abbotsford. To help you figure out where to go, we’ve put together a list of the best wineries, breweries, and yes, even a meadery that we think you simply must visit today!

Ripples Winery

Ripples Estate Winery

Source: Ripples Winery (Facebook)

This is one of the newest wineries to open in Abbotsford; their grand opening took place on May 6 2017. What makes this winery so worth a visit is their blueberry—yes, blueberry!—fruit wine selection. Their winery is located in the heart of the secluded gardens of Woodbridge Ponds Nursery. What makes this wine so outstanding is the lack of chemicals used in their brewing process to accommodate their passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

Not content to settle for wine alone, they also offer blueberry ice cream and products all made from their very own crops grown on the estate!

Location: 3387 Tolmie Road, Abbotsford BC, V3G 2T9
Hours: 9:30am to 5pm, Wednesday to Sunday, April 1 to October 30
Phone number: 604-864-1033
Tips: The best way to get a good seat at their restaurant and patio is to book an appointment beforehand. Meat and cheese platters are also offered by request. Booking ahead of time for larger groups is a must.

More info: http://www.rippleswinery.com/

Singletree Winery

Singletree Wine, Abbotsford BC

We talked about this winery in our previous blog post, but their wine is so good that we simply have to talk about them again! Excellent Fraser Valley wines such as Siegerrebe and Pinot Gris are handcrafted on Singletree’s heritage farm by the Etsell family. Brand new this year is their Grüner Veltliner, a white wine with a scent of peach, citrus, and honey that tastes smooth and well-rounded.

Come for a tasting and savour each wine’s delicious flavour while basking in the sunlight on the tasting room’s patio!

Location: 5782 Mt. Lehman Road, Abbotsford BC, V4X 1V4
Hours: 12pm to 5pm, Wednesday to Sunday
Phone number: 604-381-1788
Tips: The best way to find great deals on their wine is to sign up with the wine club. There are also many special events taking place on the estate, usually consisting of potluck dinners and live music!

More info: https://singletreewinery.com/

Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery

Campbell's Gold Honey Farm and Meadery

Source: Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery (Facebook)

If you’re a new fan of the honey-based beverage mead or want to add a tasting to your bucket list, look no further than Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm and Meadery in Abbotsford! Their 8-acre farm in the southwestern part of Abbotsford includes an apiary.

Educational tours are offered on site at their farm for the general public as well as schools. Their store features many arts and crafts based from honey and beeswax hand-created by local artisans. One of their biggest draws is the pottery they offer from Nestel Pottery. You can also find several home products such as tea cozies, placemats, wooden spoons, scrubbies, and more—and of course, their specially brewed mead!

If you’re an avid fan of beekeeping or want to learn more about how to keep our honey bee friends, safe, there is information and valuable tips on just that on their blog.

Location: 2595 Lefeuvre Road, Abbotsford BC, V4X 1L5
Hours: 12pm to 6pm Tuesday to Friday. 10am to 5pm Saturday. 12pm to 5pm Sunday.
Phone number: 604-856-2125
Tips: Occasionally they also offer beekeeping classes to the public. The best way to book for one of these classes is to follow them on Facebook.

More info: http://bchoney.com/

Mt Lehman Winery

Mt Lehman Winery

Source: Mt Lehman Winery (Facebook)

If you are on a self-guided winery tour, then just down the road from Singletree’s winery is Mt Lehman Winery! Set on 80 acres of farmland, this is a prime location to find some great deals on their handcrafted wine selection!

They host monthly promotions for their award-winning wines. The easiest way to find out what’s on sale at their winery is to drop on in to their social media. They also tend to sell French oak wine barrels to those interested in crafting their own brews and wines!

Location: 5094 Mt. Lehman Road, Abbotsford BC, V4X 1V4
Hours: 12pm to 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. 11:30am to 5:30pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Phone number: 604-746-2881
Tips: Tastings must be booked in advance and can be booked by telephone at (604) 746-2881. The best way to learn more about their specials and events is to sign up for their newsletter and follow them on social media.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/MountLehmanWinery/, http://mtlehmanwinery.com/

Old Abbey Ales

Old Abbey Ales

Source: Old Abby Ales

Old Abbey Ales is a must-visit for those who want a taste of world-class beer with a focus on Belgian style. Those visiting who are also aficionados in the art of brewing can see the equipment purchased from Brew-Stuff, a brewery equipment manufacturing company, in action. This is especially a must-do if you have bought a full turn-key brewery and want to learn more about how to use it.

Even if you’re just in it for the taste, there’s plenty of opportunity for that too! The Tasting Room offers craft beers made specifically on site, and you can sample their Belgian Tripel or Quad with either cheese or food.  

Location: 30321 Fraser Highway, Abbotsford BC, V4X 1K9
Hours: 11am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.
Phone number: 604-607-5104
Tips: Old Abbey Ales participates in local events as well as offer their beer to several stores outside of Abbotsford. The best way to find out more about these events is to either sign up for their newsletter or follow them on social media.

More info: http://www.oldabbeyales.com/

Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

Source: Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

Here’s another new winery that just opened in Abbotsford! Their grand opening took place on May 16, 2017 and they are located in the heart of the Mount Lehman area. Their premium cool climate wine is freshly made and bottled right on their estate, and their selection also includes a sparkling wine. Try a glass of their brand new Reserve Petit Verdot or Pinot Gris!

What makes this place especially unique is their Chapel Tasting Room, which is situated on higher ground and offers stunning views of Mt. Baker. Their Tasting Room is also host to several special events such as corporate meetings, dinner parties, and educational demonstrations to name a few. A patio and gardens are also available on their site, making it a lovely choice for having a picnic or outdoor meal. The vineyards and floral fields also make for an elegant wedding venue!

Location: 5290 Olund Rd, Abbotsford BC, V4X 1V6
Hours: 12pm to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday.
Phone number: 778-856-1312
Tips: Considering the newness of this winery, there are more wines arriving periodically. The best way to learn more about this new selection is to follow them on their social media.

More info: https://seasidepearlwinery.ca/

Ravens Brewing Company

Ravens Brewing Company

Source: Ravens Brewing Company (Facebook)

Ravens draws inspiration from Abbotsford itself to craft its special West Coast and European beers! Their selection of hand-crafted brews includes cider if beer is not to your liking. You can order a glass of West Coast pale ale or English dark mild at their restaurant. They also offer unique blends such as their Strawberry Rhubarb Sour or Raspberry Hefeweizen (limited times only). If you can’t make it to their brewery in person, their craft beers and ciders are available in stores across the Fraser Valley.

Location: 2485 Townline Road, Abbotsford BC, V2T 6L6
Hours: 2pm to 7pm Wednesday to Thursday, 2pm to 8pm Friday to Saturday, 12pm to 6pm Sunday
Phone number: 604-758-1557
Tips: Some of their most unique brews are seasonally made only, which include a hot chocolate porter and dry Irish stout. The best way to get notified when their seasonal brews are in stock is by following them on social media.

More info: http://www.ravens.beer/

Maan Farms Estate Winery

Maan Farms Estate Winery

Source: Maan Farms Estate Winery (Facebook)

Just like Singletree we can’t help but gush over how awesome a visit at Maans Farm is! Not only are they an estate winery but also they are rated as the top choice of U-Pick locations in Abbotsford. This is great news if you love to brew your own special batch of wine and are in need of stocking up in berries!

Their main berry crops consist of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, all which are harvested and made into their wine selection (who doesn’t love a tasty fruit wine with dessert?). One of their most notable achievements to date is the three awards their wine won at the 2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

Location: 790 Mckenzie Road, Abbotsford BC, V2S 7N4
Hours: 9am to 6pm every day
Phone number: 604-864-5723
Tips: There are many other activities available at Maan Farms including cucumber pickling, birthday parties, weddings, tours, and more. You can bring your own bucket to their U-Pick if you want to go berry harvesting!

More info: https://www.maanfarms.com/estate-winery/

Field House Brewing Company

Field House Brewing Company

Source: Field House Brewing Company

Good beer goes hand in hand with a good time, which is also Field House Brewing’s philosophy. The tasting room is host to ten taps including a guest tap, adventure tap, and local cider on tap, as well as wine and their menu of locally made food.

Their 3,000 square foot beer lawn is the second of its kind worth noting throughout British Columbia, and is also home to their outdoor stage where live music is performed every Thursday during the summer. They even have a Fox Club fort for the kids! (Of course, the little ones must always be accompanied by an adult.) Kids can indulge in cookies and ice cream while their parents can mingle with the other adults over a glass, jar, or flight of in-house craft beer. With their wood-burning fireplace, community table, and even a growler fill station, you’re sure to have a great time visiting this brewery hotspot!

Location: 2281 West Railway Street, Abbotsford BC, V2S 2E3
Hours: 12pm to 10pm Tuesday to Sunday
Phone number: 604-776-2739
Tips: Follow them on social media to find out more about their hosted events. Some of the events to look forward to include their Field Day, a sour beer and music festival where you can even get t-shirts if you book your ticket early!

More info: https://fieldhousebrewing.com/

This is just a taste (forgive the pun—we couldn’t resist) of the many Abbotsford wineries and breweries you can visit. Try creating your own self-guided tour this year to really get a good taste of the best that the Fraser Valley has to offer! Visit the Wines of British Columbia website to get started or drop by at our Home Store—we’re happy to help even if you’re just visiting for the day!

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