Wednesday June 29th 2016

How To Update Your Home

How to update your home

Updating your existing home can be a great way to breathe new life into an aging space. Many couples decide to undergo hefty home upgrades once their children are no longer at the age when spilled cough syrup and carelessly placed Sharpies are imminent threats. Continue reading How To Update Your Home

Monday June 20th 2016

Top 20 Things To Do In The Summer

Canada Day Parade, Farmers Market and Trail Head in Abbotsford

The moment the final school bell rings in those last days of June, parents across the country are filled with conflicting emotions. They welcome the warmer months and days free of the usual school day grind; but while they look forward to seeing more of their children, they dread all of that extra time too. “How on Earth will I keep my kids busy this Summer?” echoes throughout households near and far. Continue reading Top 20 Things To Do In The Summer