Thursday February 25th 2016

City in the Country

Abbotsford Area

If you take a stroll through Downtown Abbotsford, it’s likely that you’ll find a familiar face, a sign out front of a business supporting a local charity, or come upon the smell of fresh pastries and coffee brewing. The phrase “City in the Country” truly depicts Abbotsford’s unique combination of small-town atmosphere and big-city amenities. There aren’t many places you can go to get the best of both worlds.

Farm Fresh

#2 Farm Fresh

You may not have known that Abbotsford is the raspberry capital of Canada, and that 70% of its land is dedicated to farming. The vast amount of farmland and diversity in crops provide a plentiful array of fresh berries, vegetables, herbs, dairy, and produce that you can pick up at local markets like Lepp’s and Neufeld Farm Market.

Wine, Wine, and More Wine

#3 - Wine, Wine and More Wine

If you’re making a beautiful farm-fresh meal, it’s best to pair it with a local wine as well. Over the last few years, Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley have become home to many new wineries. BC wineries tend to specialize in whites and pinot noirs, but with the last few very hot and dry summers, we’re starting to see the local wine lists expand, and a trend towards merlots and cabernet sauvignon.

Mt. Lehman’s and Single Tree Winery are two of the most popular wineries in Abbotsford, but don’t forget some of our neighbouring wineries in the Aldergrove and Langley area.

Arts and Entertainment

#4 - Arts and Entertainment

Abbotsford hosts a number of exhibitions, trade shows, concerts, plays and sporting events to keep us entertained throughout the year. The Abbotsford Centre and Tradex are home to many of the larger events that come to the city, but don’t forget The Reach and Abbotsford Banquet and Conference Centre that also host many local events throughout the year.


#5 Recreation

Abbotsford boasts an array of outdoor recreation activities to participate in each season. One doesn’t have to leave the Abbotsford city limits to enjoy a variety of hiking and walking trails, over 70 parks, and easy access to rivers and lakes for kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming.

Residents of Abbotsford are also well within an hour’s drive to local ski mountains, award-winning golf courses, and the ocean. How lucky we are to live so centrally located to nature’s most beautiful creations!

Giving Back

#6 - Giving Back
The Board of Directors for the Crystal Gala stop planning for a few minutes and pose for some photos. Over the past 17 years these ladies along with their partners have raised almost $2,000 000 for breast cancer.

Abbotsford has been known as the ‘giving community;’ many local charities are welcomed with open arms and are supported by the people of Abbotsford. Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised to help support not only global causes, but local ones that benefit people right here in our community, such as the Crystal Gala. It seems that every month there is a charity event taking place at a local business, and residents are quick to give back and volunteer.

Even though Abbotsford continues to grow and expand, it has still managed to stay true to its roots, and that’s one of the things that we love most about living here. Even as the city continues to grow, it will likely keep its small town feel, and that’s why Abbotsford is a such an amazing place to call home.

What’s your favorite thing about the City in the Country?

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