Monday November 21st 2016

Embracing The Rainy Season

Rainy trail walk in Abbotsford

Once again, it’s here. Like clockwork, the kids go back to school, and the rain begins to fall. Most of us on B.C.’s West Coast have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the rain. Sure, it’s dreary and grey and seems to go on for months at a time, but without it, we wouldn’t have the beautiful, lush forests and expanses of green that form our natural playground. There’s also something about the cold and rain that encourages that great feeling of getting cozied up with our favourite comfort foods and our best people. Still, if you’re feeling cooped up inside and just need to get out despite the rain, here are a few suggestions to help you have plenty of fun and embrace the rain this Fall.

Take a cooking class at Lepp Farm Market

Entrance to LEPP Farm Market in Abbotsford

Growing in popularity, Lepp Farm Market offers an extensive list of cooking classes each year. Learn to make cheese with Chef Alexis Cobham or try your hand at making sausage in one of the always sold out Sausage Making using Game Meats with Butcher Jason and Chef Nick. From holiday themed to culturally focused classes, there is something for everyone. Sign up with one of their  cashiers, or call their office at 604-851-5377 ext 116 to register.  

Cheer on the Vancouver Giants

Vancouver giants hockey game at the Langley Event Centre

One of the most exciting things to hit the Fraser Valley this year are the Vancouver Giants with their much anticipated move to the Langley Events Centre. No longer do you need to trek across a bridge to watch some great WHL action! With games on now through to March, and tickets starting at just $19.50, the Giants will provide a great rainy season pick me up.

Learn to play Pickle-ball

couples playing pickleball

Originally created as a boredom-buster for a group of children in the 1960’s, pickle-ball is a rapidly growing sport that has been drawing increasing numbers in Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley. The Abbotsford Recreation Centre has 8 indoor courts and approximately 300 active players from the community. Combining elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis, pickle-ball is a wonderful game for all ages and abilities.  

Visit Singletree Winery for a Wine Tasting

Singletree Wine, Abbotsford BC

This family-run winery has both a twelve-acre vineyard at the base of Mt. Lehman and a two-acre vineyard near the Abbotsford airport, where they grow all of their white varietals and pinot noirs. Swing by for a tour and tasting, then join the Singletree Wine Club to enjoy two cases of wine every year, delivered straight to your door!

Some of our best activities are enjoyed during the rainy season, so now is the time to break out your rain boots and rain gear, and explore what the Fraser Valley has to offer! Why not visit a local coffee shop or grab some fall treats for home. Let us know what kind of fun you can cook up to embrace the rain this season.

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