Friday May 19th 2017

Take a Peek at Your Future Master Bedroom at The Residences

Master bedroom at The Residences at Gateway

No matter where you are and no matter where you go, your bedroom is where you start and finish your day. That’s why we want to help make sure your room of rest and relaxation is perfect, and you can find that sense of satisfaction at The Residences at Gateway. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a master bedroom at The Residences, then this post is for you! Here’s what to expect in one of the most important rooms in your home at The Residences.

Starting Your Day

Picture this: you wake up gradually to the smell of coffee brewing from the kitchen. There’s sunlight beaming behind your shades onto the window, but it’s not so invasive or hot; after all, the climate of your sleeping quarters are cool and adjusted to your liking. You slip out of bed, stand up, stretch, and breathe in the scent of that fresh bouquet of flowers you’ve just placed on the dresser across from your bed, their perfume not too heady or obnoxious. You exhale and walk into your closet—your slippers are exactly where you need and want them to be.

After shuffling into your favourite pair of slippers, you go over to the window and open the shades, and the natural light brightens up the room. You meander your way in the kitchen, letting the sun caress your skin, the freshly brewed coffee ready to your liking. You pour yourself a cup of Joe, grab a book from the living room or wherever you left it last, and retreat back into the bedroom. The temperature lowers, but not so much so that it’s unpleasant; you then lay back down on the bed with everything you need.

If this sounds like heaven, that’s because it can be! This is how a morning can start at our homes at The Residences at Gateway. All of the features we just mentioned – the natural light from your window, the temperature, the walk-in closet – all of these things are accessible and available in the master bedroom.

Yep, AC is Included—With an Amazing Twist

Not every home comes built in with AC, which is a huge problem in the extreme heat of summer. Some downsized homes require you to bring your own fan or AC unit to keep the temperatures at a liveable level. That is not the case with our homes at The Residences. Rather than battle daily with extreme temperatures, you have control over the AC and heat in your home no matter what the season. Make summer in the master bedroom this year feel like you’re waking up in an oasis!

Luxury Living, No Matter What Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re a homebody at heart or prefer to lock and go, your bedroom will be luxurious no matter where you are! Each master bedroom at The Residences at Gateway has been specifically designed to be bright, beautiful, and luxurious no matter what the time of day. They are spacious as well as comfortable despite the need for downsizing before you move into one. There’s enough room for the furniture you need to sit, relax, write, read, watch TV, etc. without being distracted by clutter.

Walk-in closet & in-suite bathroom connected to master bedroom at The Residences

Each master bedroom’s walk-in closet is connected to an in-suite bathroom as well! Walking along icy cold floors during long nights or while getting out of the shower in the morning are a thing of the past in our homes; each bathroom contains heated floors instead. Talk about living the high life!

All of the Space without the Stress

If you live the lock and go lifestyle then you know how important it is to have as little on your person as possible while traveling. That’s what makes our master bedrooms so handy! Not only will you have enough storage and access to your suitcases and backpacks in our walk-in closets, but also there is the bonus of added security and safety with our state-of-the-art fire protection system which includes smoke detectors and centrally monitored sprinklers in every home. There is also added privacy with our fob-only access to the lobby at The Residences as well as restricted floor access from the building’s elevator. You can lock the door behind you and leave knowing everything in your space is safe and secure!

Finishing the Day

At the end of a long day there’s nothing like relaxing in your bedroom. Kick off your shoes when you get in the door, grab yourself a cup of tea or treat yourself to a glass of wine, head on into the bedroom, and then bask in the cozy atmosphere you’ve just retreated into with a good book or some TV. Don’t you already feel the day’s stresses melting away?

It gets better. The dusk settles in all around the patio your master bedroom overlooks, surrounded by the natural green beauty that British Columbia has to offer. After getting ready for bed, you adjust the temperature once more before drifting off to sleep.

Now that’s what we call a day worth remembering. What’s your perfect start and finish to the day like? Let us know when you drop in to visit our Home Store!

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