Tuesday June 6th 2017

Welcome to Abbotsford! Here’s What to Expect This Summer

Welcome to Abbotsford! Here’s What to Expect This Summer

Welcome to Abbotsford! We hope you enjoy your time spent here! Whether you’re visiting this part of the Fraser Valley or you’ve decided to start living here, there’s lots to do than just at first glance especially during the summertime.

“Like What?” You Ask?

It may seem obvious to you that there is a lot going on in the summer no matter where you live, but sometimes it pays off to be a tourist in your own hometown. In Abbotsford not only are there some great hiking trails to check out, but also there are a ton of events such as Canada Day to look forward to. There’s even a bunch of small free events and tours you can go on for a day while you’re waiting for the main events.

Picture This:

As soon as you step off the plane in the Abbotsford International Airport and look behind the main terminal, the first thing you see is the gorgeous backdrop of mountains. You don your hat and sunglasses at once as the heat of summer swells all around you. After all, you’ve arrived right in the midst of the Fraser Valley. Its mountains are something you can only catch a glimpse of between skyscrapers in Vancouver or from a distance in Langley and Surrey. That’s one reason why we call Abbotsford the “City Out In The Country”, because the natural beauty BC has to offer is the first thing you’ll see as soon as you leave the airport!

As you make your way toward your destination, you start to realize it’s been a while since you last ate—snacks and drinks on the plane aren’t nearly enough to satiate your appetite, and you have some time to kill before things get too crazy with the goings-on of your evening. The thought of dining out at McDonald’s though really isn’t something you want to do.

At that moment, something catches your eye. Maybe it’s a coffee shop, maybe it’s a small, unique restaurant…or maybe it’s even a farm market with some of the most delectable homemade goodies you’ve seen all day. As you grab your food and drink of choice, you inquire with one of the vendors or restaurant staff as to how long it will take to reach your next destination. You get the best news: it’s only 5 minutes away!

You also come to understand that there is so much going on that you simply must fit in to your agenda: the 5K Foam Festival is fast approaching, Agrifair is just around the corner celebrating Canada’s 150th, and there’s more than just fireworks happening on July 1st in honour of said occasion. You look back to the mountainous backdrop and think to yourself, “Yes. This is perfect. I’m home.”

This may only be a picture we’ve painted, but we certainly hope it’s the kind of experience you have when you arrive in Abbotsford! It’s for that very reason we love living in the “City Out In The Country”!

The City in the Country that Keeps on Growing

Abbotsford has come a long way since it was first developed colonially in 1858. It has become one of the most generous cities in terms of charitable donations for nine years straight according to Statistics Canada. As of the latest census (2016), its population is estimated to be at 141,397, making it the largest municipality of the Fraser Valley Regional District, the largest municipality outside Greater Vancouver and the fifth-largest municipality in all of British Columbia.

So, yes, our community continues to grow steadily as time goes on. This is great news, because with more people comes lots more to do as well as more job opportunities. If you’re looking to find a place to stay and work at in the Fraser Valley, this would be it!

Look Forward to These Sizzling Summer Events in Abbotsford

This year is Canada’s 150th, so naturally Canadians are going all out on this year’s Canada Day! Summer is one of our biggest seasons for visitors in general, but this year in particular is a very special one. Not only should you expect fireworks on July 1, but you also may be able to get a glimpse of July 4th fireworks from across the border—after all, Mount Baker in Washington is a neighbour of ours!

As we mentioned previously, Agrifair is another one of many Abbotsford events you should check out. It’s an annual fair that runs in August (the exact date may vary from year to year), and its schedule is always varied and jam-packed with exciting things to do, so stay tuned if you want to check it out this year!

One of the biggest events to look forward to this summer is the International Airport’s annual Abbotsford Air Show! At this special occasion the snowbirds come out and provides both visitors and locals in the Fraser Valley with one of the most spectacular performances in the world. Not only is there an abundance of things to do during this 3-day event but also it all gets wrapped up with another amazing airborne event: fireworks!

There is also the annual 5K Foam Festival filled with tons of obstacle courses and action-packed activities held each June. If you’re someone looking to get messy but also have a ton of fun, that would be the event for you.

If you’re not such a huge fan of being around a giant crowd of people, that’s okay—there are lots of other smaller goings-on as well as opportunities! Summer is usually when all the local farm markets appear to sell fresh food, arts and crafts, and more, so you can pick up something really nice here before you head home or find a souvenir if you’re visiting from out of town.

Guaranteed Accessibility

The aforementioned summer events are all much, much more accessible if you live in Abbotsford, but our community is big-hearted and we love having visitors! Each of those events are also likely to be looking for extra help, and we’re certain the farm markets will be more than happy to include your goods if you have any to sell. Even our building, The Residences at Gateway, is accessible to all of these amenities due to its convenient location within the vibrant new neighbourhood of the Midtown District. Places like coffee shops, the new McCallum Junction shopping centre, and several local health and spa services are only steps away from our homes!

If this all sounds good and fun but you’re stumped on where to live in Abbotsford in order to achieve these types of goals, then have we got a recommendation for you! Drop in at our Home Store and let us know if you’re looking to start living here in Abbotsford. We’d love to have a chat!

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a memorable and fantastic summer here in Abbotsford!

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